Interview with an AI picked up by

A couple months back I thought it would be fun to work on what it would be like to interview an AI or emerging Artilect and so I put together this little project and it goes picked up by this popular portal that is really kind of focus on academia.

The Article starts: “I was thinking about ideas for an article on my train ride home from the experience lab I work in, and it came to me that it would be interesting to actually have an interview with an AI only a little bit better than us, maybe one that is one of the first kinds of true AI and for fun let’s say it has lived with us for a few decades incognito. But how can we do that?

With the help of a few people in the computer science AI field and mental health professionals it turns out that it appears we could produce a psychological profile for such an AI and from that potentially a method for extrapolating what such a AI might say or how it might respond to a given line of questions, under certain circumstances, with certain assumptions put forward to develop said profile. Before you ask, it also appears that based on the DSM IV it turns out that this AI would likely be diagnosed with potentially a number of disorders including ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and/or Asperger’s. I find it interesting that a computer intelligence would fall into that category out of the gate.”

and you can read the rest here:

Episode 3: For the Love of Technology, User Experience and Transhumanism

In this episode we talk about the love of technology, user experience and transhumanism and why its all interconnected at least in my own personal psychosis.

To learn more about User eXperience and why its a trend (10 years out): “A Whole new mind”

To learn more about technology trends (20+ years out): “The Singularity is near: When humans transcend Biology”

Episode 2: Help Chrissy Pick a Computer

Ok so in this episode I get a friend that happens to need a new laptop AND is a Microsoft employee and I try to talk her into an Apple Mac Book Air without telling her what it is.  Its a fun discussion and hopefully helps her get a new computers.  Granted some of the others are great machines but its all in good fun.

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Episode 1: Industrial Design, The State of the World (Suface, Nokia, Planar) and Coming Slate Wars

In this episode (my first) I’m talking about the state of my world in the tech industry including new hardware such as the great displays from Planar, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, Nokia’s great industrial design, Apples BEST industrial design and their hot new hardware the iphone 5 (I got to touch it… it was good for me…) and the like.

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Hello world!

Ah Hello World, the iconic programming metaphor for your first application that is vague derived from a computer science joke from the 1970’s… “Hello World”…  WordPress says I should delete this but I think its fun metaphor and a fitting first post so I’m just adding some text… =) soon more um… “Interesting” posts to come… =) and welcome to #TiredAllOver