Because the Rules of Robotics are Totally Real…

dilbert and the robot

dilbert and the robot

Because at some point this won’t be a joke.  people laugh now and we make fun but baring some kind of disaster let there be no doubt that a new age is coming…

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The Psychological Trend Towards Transhumanity

earlyadoptersA short excerpt from the article I published on

“40k is nowhere near the 8% needed of a population to affect main stream thought for something to go effectively viral so this is not enough to drive interest.  So why are we talking about Transhumanism at all then you might ask?  Can they affect main stream thought or is main stream actually creating Transhumanism?

Why are all these disconnected groups forming then?

Let us go back and look at the early adopter information again.  Early adopters make up 20% which is way past the 8% needed to change society’s thoughts or creating a trend.  Let me hypothesize then that early adopters are the trend and creating these waves of change through the psychology of the modern world.  Further then, would not these psychological waves create a form of pressure like any wave and in this pressure in various groups we have Transhumanism coalescing.”

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The Top Ten Coolest Syfy Spaceships

a million years more advanced then us

a million years more advanced then us

ok so I saw this post on msn about the coolest or best movie spaceships (“The greatest movie spaceships”, and really I was appalled at their lame choices.  I mean really an Apollo capsule?  that like is totally not cool, or star trek’s enterprise? wow, that won’t break in half from lack of structural integrity, or space fighters? yea that will get me to alpha centaury, or funky contraption spaceships make from spare model parts or the HAL ship that is barely more then the IIS is in real live.  So here is 10 ships that actually are cool, you guys at MSN keep your ships and I’ll have these thank you very much…

Episode 13 – Data Integrity and Baby Bunnies

rules of normalization

rules of normalization

In the modern world more and more it is the data that is important and not any particular bit of hardware.  (oh and yes a bunny did die in the creation of the stories in this podcast) Certainly its true with me that data is what’s important.  In this episode we talk with Teresa Burger about the importance of referential integrity and data architecture and why you should care and why some people should just step away for the database before you hurt they hurt themselves or their data… and generally why people and business’s should be more OCD about their sacred and holy data…

Thou Shalt Normalize Your Data or the hounds of h3ll will come to corrupt your integrity…

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Special Edition: What I Really Do for a Living (the developer side)

[wire] stone

the [wire] stone logo from the Seattle office

Ok so my job title is ‘Principal UX Architect’ for an interactive design and marketing digital agency.  Typically I have a hard time explaining what that is let alone what a UX Architect is.  Part of what I do is technical,  and that is doing programming or software engineering and the other part is artsy designee things.  Now granted a lot of my work is UX ‘Design’ so things like wireframing, persona and user story development, and traditional ui design kinds of things but I also get into helping with market strategy analysis and the like.  As a Microsoft MVP I get to drink a lot of their kool-aide and I was recently asked to be part of the keynote of a Microsoft internal conference and they did this video from the developer standpoint to play right before I walked on stage.  Here it is and hopefully it will help explain some of what I do.

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