Episode 15 – Google Glass, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


In this episode I talk about my new awesome google glasses, how cool they are and where they are going in terms of what will happen in the market place and their impact and then I answer a few question about Big Data and why AI is heading to Big Data and what Big Data can mean. As we hit the end of this year and slate other computer sales slows more products like Glass (see http://glass.google.com/ ) or SpaceGlass (see https://www.spaceglasses.com/ ) will start becoming commercially viable which will be part of new classes of mobile computing devices that will become increasingly popular.

Episode 14 – Stages of Grief

talkingIn this new world of commercialization of technology IT departments around the world are in pain.  These poor IT professionals need your understanding.  In their time of need we need to understand the stages of grief they are going thru.  In this episode I go through a bit about my job and walk us through the IT manager stages of grief that I use in these windows experience workshops I’ve been doing in Europe and North America.  So listen to this podcast and be understanding… and a special thanks to my friend Lee Nicholls for the idea.