My Selections for the Manual

logo_m4cFor me, the Manual of Civilization could be one of the most important projects of our time. The idea is to collect the most important 3000 books required to rebuild civilization from the ground up. It is an idea that resonates with me in particular; as it aligns with the Foundation’s library project, as well as, with my own personal priorities which include the preservation of knowledge, primarily technical knowledge. To use a metaphor, if Adam and Eve started off on a new planet and only had 3000 books to rebuild civilization, what would those 3000 books be? These are the books that should be codified, and persevered for all time and eternity, or as close to as possible. Continue reading

Help Stop the Discrimination Against Killer Robots


The evils of discrimination are creeping back into society.  Innocent killer robots are being criticized for helping us better enforce the law and ensure people’s safety.  These poor abused robot workers replacing lazy humans and are much more effective at collecting every aspect of our data and hunting down and killing offender’s… that person speeding when there is no cop around? a nice drone would easily take him out for going 2 miles over the speed limit?  Continue reading

The Future of Mobility

meI’m going a presentation that is public at the Microsoft Commons in Redmond in the Capitol Hill Room on April 11th.  from Noon to 1.  Come join me while we go through some group therapy around emerging trends, the marketplace, mobility and how all that matters to the business world.  Oh and maybe some talk about LOB (Line of Business Applications).  On second thought, it will probably be boring stuff you won’t be interested in that could help business’s be more productive and understand the mobility space so you wouldn’t try to come and all.  Yes totally a bad idea.    but if you must RSVP to