Backward to the Future: How Advancing Technology is Stratifying Society and Making People Less Smart

future-medical-technology-283x300The 22nd of February earlier this year. A social media consultant named Sarak Slocum decided to visit a popular bar in San Francisco one fateful night while wearing her Google Glass. What happened next ultimately made her the face of the innovative new headgear. Sure enough, people started to bully her about the eyepiece. Slocum, for her part, fought back.

According to news reports, the fight was started because of the people’s fear that Slocum was filming them through her Google Glass without their consent. Slocum, on the other hand, denied those allegations, insisting she only videoed the people once they berated her for her geeky choice of eyewear. Continue reading

Social Impact of Google Glass

google glassSo I’ve been wearing my google glass around Microsoft’s main campus and throughout my life. Normally, people are interested and, if anything, come and want to check them out. However, I finally this past week experienced open discrimination or even a mild harassment of sorts.

Don’t get excited, it’s not like Microsoft is not doing the same sort of thing with their own version or other companies like Meta building glasses that are much more interesting then google glass. It’s just Glass was first to market in terms of social impact and visibility that the common person is aware of it. Continue reading

Augmented Reality Game – Hobby

91ddd0c9-d07b-4ed1-ab9a-add81418a48fFor those that know me, you know that I’ve been working on this Augmented reality game for a long time now. Its finally having a public beta on windows phone as I get ready to launch it for a number of projects or campaigns.  The game is designed to really take things to the next level in terms of interactive real world gaming that blur’s the lines between game and reality.  Yes in fact digital crack was really the goal.  Check out the game and like the page and I look forward to you participating.  For the time being this is only on windows phone.