5 year Strategic Vision in the Tech Sector for Software Engineering Firms

imageAs a CTO, I get asked a lot about what my ‘vision’ is for the future in technology in the sectors I operate in.  where are we going, what will happen is all part of the magic sauce… I thought for once I would share a summary minus all the super secret research and details by which this is based on about where I think the technology sector is going and how a company in that sector would position itself to take advantage of those trends.

As an industry, where are we going? 

How is the market going to transform itself over the next 5 years?

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New Vulcanism… and Our Moral Obligation as technologist to Transhumanism

tsfshd1593The past few months I’ve contemplated somewhat the geek culture and some of the mental characteristics that make a software engineer great or the qualities that make the best technologist and a lot of those things that bring greatness seem to also be clinical diagnosis as mental disorders according to the DSM IV or 5 or whatever is current (ok to be clear I’m not a shrink but my wife is? if that counts); but my point is that instead of classifying these people (like me) as off target maybe a new norm might be articulated around a new approach to things one that devalues emotions to a large degree or at least encourages control and logic in all things; but that does goes down a slippery road of empirical logic and science leading to a spot where one might need to come up with an equivalent of morals and ethics to use as guides allow integration into the larger current society… enter (to draw on Sci-Fi a bit) the Vulcan or the new emergent philosophy (that I made up this morning) called Vulcanism…  so let me back up with what started this line of thinking… my new twitter friend Olivia…

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