A Day in a Life

David K. Projectok so this is my first attempt at Science Fiction. Please be nice but I’m hoping to see what people think…

A soft gentle music touch’s the edge of my mind, slowly nudging me to consciousness. Floating, as the fog slowly clears in my head and rolling clouds seemingly moving aside, I drift higher. I can feel the aerogel foam slowly retreating from its warm embrace as my computer detects my raising awareness and movement. The time comes to mind, as bits of data slice through the remaining fog of sleep.

Remembering the old days of alarm clocks… when I was very young I even had a mechanical clock with two bells on it, it was always so much more jarring and sometimes ending in violence for the clock. We’ve come far in only a handful of decades.

I turn as the foam recedes more from my body, the music fades as I’m fully awake. I see I have messages, texts and a few alerts. Nothing to stress over though. Today is an important day. But mornings, this one like any other, are typically like this; rising out of sleep and into my OCD ordered life which I have so carefully curated over the years. If there is one thing that I cling to, it’s my order and structure.

The lights slowly come up to a moderate level that I can dress to, not too jarring but enough to navigate without special vision enhancements. I hope to have that addressed today just not by the typical methods of augments, bionics or the old school google contacts.

Ok, time to get up.

Even now, with all the comfort, structure and my ‘smart’ environment, getting out of bed is a bit of a cliff for me. My computer is normally gentle though,

“Good morning, my lord, Shall I select clothes and breakfast?”

“No Hal. Its ok, well… ok, make me breakfast”

I walk slowly to the bathroom. While brushing my teeth, I review my feeds in the mirror. A few interesting news points I’ll need to consider.

“Hal flag that top article on the new law about ‘keeping humans human’ from the science and law composite feed”

“Yes, my lord.”

I like the sound of that. Yes, admittedly a bit narcissistic; but puts me in the right mind set for the day. I step into the shower as the water instantly sears my skin. I like it hot; it helps jump start my biochemistry, getting things up to peak metabolic rates or at least I like to tell myself that; I know Hal has his doubts. I really think, from a psychological standpoint, I take showers in the morning as a remnant of my troubled childhood. I lived in a home that didn’t maintain a reasonable internal room temperature of say 72 degree’s, plus or minus 1 degree or so. Yes I know, a bit OCD and I even cling to the outmoded measuring system Fahrenheit. I use the metric system everywhere else but I just can’t bring myself to use a system with larger temperature degrees, and thus less accuracy, just so I can make math easier. I like the accuracy; but, with that logic, I should use Kelvin. I guess I’ll have to convert to that in short order. After today, it will be the only way to go, I suspect.

A few more messages come in that I read while in the shower, another busy day at work…

It feels good to be dry, though the part of me that can’t wait for later is anxious; and there is an even deeper part of me that awaits today with trepidation.

I dress and walk down stairs to the kitchen, dodging my house robot doing its chores.

It’s still dark out, and combined with the peace and silence of the morning, that has always made me feel serene. I wonder if I will still notice things like that… more trepidation, I guess.

Ok, back to breakfast.

Breakfast is very important to me, maybe it’s a biochemical need for energy; but, with a good breakfast, I can mostly not eat the rest of the day. Hmm… will that pass to? We will see. Maybe I’m a bit giddy, which strikes me as a bit strange given my personality. So many millions of hours; literally centuries, if not millennia, of effort, if you were to do it all serially, has gone into today’s work.

Ok, ‘focus’, or I’ll be late to work.

“Computer, start my car, I’ll take my old Vue today. The upgrades are finished right?”

“Yes, my lord, on both counts.”

“Thanks, Hal.”

One stop into my office, I need to check and make sure everything is in place.

I touch the helium display surface in my wall and it quickly transforms to the schedule for today. There is a lot to get done; but, I see everything is in order.

“Hal, check the robot; it seems to be having a minor issue, some noise or some such thing.”

“Yes, my lord”

The night’s backups are complete and etched; my library is in order. I pick up my phone, or at least I still call it that out of nostalgia, from off its pad that charges it. It also allows my phone to be my main computer and lets me interface with the house and sync with the cloud and all that. Cell phones if you can still call them that, really have evolved so much over the years; replacing my camera, my PDA and most recently my slate computer. Now everything is almost all in a single device; and now, hopefully, will be the last day I need it. It’s time to go.

Getting in the car like any other day, dressed for work like any other day, the morning routine like any other day, just another hum drum sort of day; and now my ride through traffic, while dealing with email, like any other day. I thought about having my EA drive me; but I like the privacy it gives me to have the computer do it. Like any other day. But today is not any other day…


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