About DavidJKelley

He’s a Principal UX Architect at a mid-size interactive design firm that specializes in emerging experiences (touch walls, kiosks, bleed edging mobile, xbox etc.), plus he’s a professional speaker in this field and a published author. His work has been showcased by Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Ray Ozzy, Entertainment Tonight, Emmy Awards, Boeings Corporation, Nike, Allrecipes, Thompson Financial and many others. David has won the Microsoft MVP industry award for the past 5 years for his work in UI/UX design with XAML based technologies. Besides degree's in computer science and management David has done post graduate work in electrical engineering, electronics and Transhumanist studies with hobbies ranging from marine biology to history.

We need you! To Make a Difference in Transhumanism…

030011dcAre you of the belief that we can use technology to be more then what we are?  Or that we can help those around us? That we can solve problems like old age?  That through science and technology humankind can take control of our own evolution and evolve as we see fit? Continue reading

Linear Fuzzy Logic AI Engine in Cloud Based Data Analysis

The LFL Engine is designed to allow a computer to emulate the decision making process of humans where there is not a direct mapping between the input and output based on membership to a few logical groups as implemented in a cloud based server to allow a cloud based artificial intelligence system or cloud based soft AI for data analysis.

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XR, VR, AR and 35 other words that no one really has there head around…

robot-books-840x420Ok, so there is this ‘wearable’s’ “thing”… is some what ‘popular’ now days.  Really the only issue I have with this is the fact that no one can make up there mind about what all the words mean.  As far as I can tell here is the vernacular and more or less a consensus about what they mean, this includes XR and related tech buzz words as they are critical to understanding the XR landscape. Continue reading

Ex Machina Movie Review

version1After months of mind numbing patience, I finally managed to see ‘Ex Machina’ the movie (http://exmachina-movie.com/ ). There have been a few AI centered or Singularity related movies the past few years such as Transcendence with Johnny Depp (love hate relationship with this movie) but ‘Ex Machina’ I really, really wanted to be good; and on many levels it was spectacular.

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Machine Learning, BI and User Experience

D3-big_data_visualizations-500x338I’ve been friends with the CEO of an undisclosed BI company for some time and one of the things that our conversations have lead me to focus on is the idea of application heat mapping to look at how users behave and interact with an application. What is exciting is the innovative change, along with the orchestration engine and AI analytics of the IOE system, as an opportunity for how we do better application heat mapping and a great extension to the kinds of BI my friend’s company back east might be able to deliver to their users. Continue reading

Seasteading Institute Reality TV Show

If its one thing that I appreciate is real work action and results, not all this internet talk… when it comes to the real world the Seasteading Institute is actually doing something.  please check it out and help where you can.

The Seasteading Institute is consulting with a new unscripted television series for a major cable network. The show is seeking a variety of experts and survivalists ready to create a new community on the ocean while building, engineering, and rehabbing residential quarters. If you have what it takes to survive challenging weather and sea conditions, if you have a yearning desire to experiment with ocean-based technologies, if you can bring a skill set that will add to the sea-villages development, then this is an opportunity for you.

If interested, email casting@optomenusa.com and please CC: info@seasteading.org by March 1, 2015 with:
• Your name and age
• A brief bio about your interest in seasteading and why you’d like to participate in the program
• The skills you could bring to this new society (survival, engineering, scientific, homesteading, environmental, etc.)
• A clear photograph
• Any video links or youtube channels you may have Break a sea-leg, The Seasteading Institute

Please make a donation and support our efforts to develop the first politically autonomous floating city by 2020.

See http://www.seasteading.org/?intro=close for more detail

Transhuman Design – Experience Focused Engineering

Perfection-945x536Transhuman Design IS ‘Experience Focused Engineering’. Why? Admittedly, I’m coining this definition or phraseology; but it goes to what I do for a living and helps explain that to people outside the field. Further, this definition quantifies a philosophical approach that has been developing in the fields of User Experience Design and Software Engineering and Industrial hardware design and the like. Numerous trends are coming together and the products and services that are standing out are the ones focused on design. Continue reading

Strategies for Raising Children and Preserving Deep Thinking Skills

Having and raising children is a critical part of the propagation of the species. Until Immortality or other reproductive options are realized, or otherwise finally engineered, it is critical to our long term survival. Children are therefore our most important resource. Continue reading

Spell The Game – Kickstarter

Cross Platform Augmented Reality, live action magic with mobile phones hoping to be the next digital crack and more…

It is not so much about game or building a business but doing what we love to do.Funding Spell helps us get out of jobs that suck the life out of us to doing something that we love.Spell allows us to combine elements of the games we love (magic the gathering, Continue reading

Introducing the Singularity Index – A Market Index focused on the Companies helping drive us towards Singularity

Introducing the Singularity Index. The Singularity Index (also referred to as the SI) is part of a statistical approach to looking at market trends, as it relates to relative motion in the market, towards or away from ‘Singularity’.

As the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for one of the fastest growing companies in America (according to Fortune 500 Magazine), a big part of my job is following trends and predicting industry trends up to about 5 years out9. To help me do my job, for well over the past 10 years, I’ve worked out a process that has helped predict trends such as the emergence of the high end slates; which, in part, has been through statistical analysis and this has been a great tool for me in being fairly accurate. As the technology around the components that go into making the ‘Singularity’ (as defined later on in this article) real become more and more important to business, it has become an interesting tool, if nothing else, for looking at where we are going. Continue reading