Backward to the Future: How Advancing Technology is Stratifying Society and Making People Less Smart

future-medical-technology-283x300The 22nd of February earlier this year. A social media consultant named Sarak Slocum decided to visit a popular bar in San Francisco one fateful night while wearing her Google Glass. What happened next ultimately made her the face of the innovative new headgear. Sure enough, people started to bully her about the eyepiece. Slocum, for her part, fought back.

According to news reports, the fight was started because of the people’s fear that Slocum was filming them through her Google Glass without their consent. Slocum, on the other hand, denied those allegations, insisting she only videoed the people once they berated her for her geeky choice of eyewear.

Regardless of who is telling the truth is now out of the question; the true focus is how people can go berserk over a piece of technology.

Some decades ago, people were looking forward to the future. Almost everyone was talking about augmented reality – how technological advances could help us make our lives easier, more convenient and more efficient. Sci-fi novels, movies and TV shows were all portraying mankind’s excitement over devices that help us see our world differently, guide us to our destinations, and respond to our verbal or even tactile commands.

Now they are suddenly real. GPS systems, voice recognition-capable computers, advanced eyeglasses, and many more – devices that are overwhelmingly popular in pop culture, but a large segment of the population are choosing to shun it and view it as taboo.

And while it is only gathering mild attention nowadays, soon enough, it will create an intellectual divide between people who choose to adhere to tried-and-tested traditions and those who adhere to the principles of transhumanism and strive to improve our capabilities with state-of-the-art technology. This stratification, as it stands, will make people less tolerant to advancement on the one side.

To make matters worse it seems that the current trends in technology especially among our children is driving down our ability for deep thought and focus which is hampering next generation’s ability to do advanced mathematics and deep analysis related tasks further stratify society between the luddites and the users and then the very elite which will become and increasingly a small segment of increasingly powerful technocrats.

Is there a solution to this somewhat dystopian future or does it matter? To change this the secret lies in informing people about the benefits of such outstanding new technologies, making them understand that any intrusion on their lives they can control to be kept to an ideal minimum – without slowing them down. Parents need to be educated on the effects that this technology has on their children. This is the duty of those who create, distribute, market and herald these marvels to also help understand the danger and how to moderate this technology especially for the young. While Transhumanism is there to help drive technology we need to be wise or accept the inevitable. It is the next generation that will suffer or will we help them make their lives better. If not, we will see a new feudalism.

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