Custom Applications for the Masses

screen3In the beginning there was machine language and it was good…

But a huge pain for humans…

The word was to make an abstracted higher level language for programming and it was good….

But low the average man could still not write assemble code either,

And by and by it was abstracted again and a high language was born and it was good

But low yet again the average man could not write C++ and low yet again higher

languages where made and they worked…

Not so much.

And many times this cycle has gone on with many many languages but still the masses lay in wait for their apps.

Should no one make a way for the masses to make their apps? Are they alone in the dark with no apps to call their own?

Now there is hope…

Seriously though,

There have been many tries to make a language or method for application development that anyone could learn without really learning to code. There are a number of great child focused environments that you can build apps without a huge amount of code. Lego has a great ‘lego’ like IDE and there are others like touch dev and more.

One tool like this that is particular interesting from a UX (user experience) standpoint is Project Siena. I’m sure Microsoft will come up with something like ‘Microsoft Windows Modern Application Developer System for the Average User Framework Professional Free Version 2014’ but hopefully they will not and use a cool name like Siena but we will see.

So in any case if you go to the Windows app store and look up project Siena you find a great tool for building apps and the most ‘coding’ you might do is nothing more than an excel like expression. I expect that when this finally launches it will be better as it is really just a public beta but it is simple and easy to use system to build your own Siena based applications and not have to code but if you do you code you can easily open the solutions up in Visual Studio to even do some more real HTML5 code for things that Siena might not do out of the box but that being said here it is,

Apps for the Mass’s on Windows 8.1 is finally here:

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