Design Process in 10 minutes or less – Part 1

wiresRunning around being a CTO leaves me little time for creative tasks that I so love.  Last week or so I was asked by a design intern more or less what my design process (and by design process I mean their experience design process) is and or what THEIR’s should be, my response was about 10 minutes of what I felt they should start with in terms of a design process…

Step 1… Ask your self questions… What are you trying to do? What are the requirements from a business standpoint?  do I have a BRD? do I have a design brief? Do I want one? do I care? who are the stack holders? do not do anything until you can answer something in terms of what you want or need to do.

Step 2… Ask your self MORE questions… WHO is this for? Write up a nice paragraph or 2 or 4, find a picture to represent them and describe to me who this person is in the third person but make sure this is not a real person but a metaphor for the target demographic… we call these persona’s.  For extra bonus points do some ‘research’ on the demographic.  There are lots of ways of doing it but as long as it contains a ‘name’, ‘description’ and some demographic detail AND the description is about the person and not what your trying to design its all good.  From their as long as your happy, I’m happy.

Step 3… Tell me the story of what this person is doing around the requirement(s)? What are they trying to accomplish?  I literally want this as a paragraph or two in writing in story format…

Step 4… Build (or update) some Low Fi wireframes or sketch’s or whiteboard sketch’s of the ‘interaction’ models with a map for each model and variations for each story in terms of what the ‘persona’ see’s on the screen in the ‘user stories’ from the last step.

Step 5… review with some one and get feedback…. go to step 4 if there are any ‘issues’

Step 6… make Hifi (high resolution, highly detailed) wireframes in tool of your choice…

hmm… well my ten minutes are up… check in tomorrow for part 2.


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