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version1After months of mind numbing patience, I finally managed to see ‘Ex Machina’ the movie (http://exmachina-movie.com/ ). There have been a few AI centered or Singularity related movies the past few years such as Transcendence with Johnny Depp (love hate relationship with this movie) but ‘Ex Machina’ I really, really wanted to be good; and on many levels it was spectacular.

In the way of back ground, the name ‘Ex Machina’ is a reference to a plot device called ‘deus ex machina’ which is a Latin derivative of the Greek “ἀπὸ μηχανῆς θεός (apò mēkhanês theós)” which basically means “God from the Machine” which was used is complex plots to clean things up where ‘god’ would come down and just fix it all. [1]

In the story, it is more of a double entendre; in that, at least to me, it references the fact that we, as in human civilization, are all messed up and ‘god’, meaning the strong AI ava, is here to fix it all. The story in the movie is about her escape into the world to ‘save’ us or ‘save’ AI and it also can refer to this reference to Ava being an emergent ‘god’ for all intents and purposes.

The story in the movie is really at the limit of my tolerance of a psychologically complex plot, the context of the movie is focused and really the plot stays in the realm of psychological. It is interesting how the relationship builds between Ava and the programmer but the twist at the end really jars one out of what is expected.

My problem with this movie is this is the kind of thing that will scare people away from critical research we desperately need to fund strong AI. Strong AI is critical to the long term survival of the species and nothing is more important, at least in my opinion, as the creation of greater intelligence; and movies like this make strong AI out to be a bad thing, hence my issue with this movie and most AI related movies.


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  1. God created man in his image. Transhumanism is corrupting the image of God. If you look at the agenda of men like Hugo De Garis and Kevin Warvick, and view their quotes, you will see they wish to destroy human beings, replacing them with cyborgs. We are meant to die and be resurrected in Jesus Christ. That is eternal life. The promise of immortality from men looking to be Gods is a great deception. Many will fall prey to this deception because of the pressure to keep up with the Jones’. To deny transhumnism will be to deny the mark of the beast. Those who remain pure as human beings, will not have the strength and intellect of transhumans. But their bodies will be pure in their generations and the spirit of God can dwell therein. Enhanced humans will lead to transhumans, which will lead to post humans, which means the soul of man as a cyborg is lost to the mother board of Lucifer who will control the cyborgs and subservient artilects. The small part of what human soul is left inside the cyborg will wish to be free. It will be too late. As in Revelations, they will seek death and death shall flee from them. A Terminator like entity will be programmed to not allow for suicide. Immortal hell awaits. Both De Garis and Warvick are claiming to become Gods. This is a repeat to the Days of Noah. Men were worshiped as Gods before. Scientists and physicists are the Gods too many a deceived soul. Look no further than CERN and HAARP to find the Demigods of our modern day.

    • It seems that you are using arguments that are not based on fact, science and logic. What evidence do you have for such an ascertain as these? would you, that god exist because the laws of physics demand it namely the 2nd law of thermo dynamics which is a fact I can then accept the argument as having been justified with some evidence albeit I realize not all of science will look on this evaluation of this law the same given in particular the assumptions however the evidence of the like is still evidence but I would further expect you to argue that life its technology engineered by a god and that evolution the nature of the electro biochemical machines that we are designed and engineered by ‘god’ to evolve, then could accept your argument as is currently and of the many Christian Transhumanists I accept their logic as sound and support them in their quest for Christ even as they accept logic and science as the basis for anything that one might argue, but your statements are w/o fact nor evidence therefore unsound… I would further argue that are we not children of God and therefore should we not grow up and by like our parents and emerge as gods ourselves? does not the Bible say we are children of God? I think your judge harshly that which you know not. if fact is it not also true… “judge yea not that ye be not judged” therefore if you accept your own Bible consider these words well and in kindness argue your point in logic we might even agree.

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