Help Stop the Discrimination Against Killer Robots


The evils of discrimination are creeping back into society.  Innocent killer robots are being criticized for helping us better enforce the law and ensure people’s safety.  These poor abused robot workers replacing lazy humans and are much more effective at collecting every aspect of our data and hunting down and killing offender’s… that person speeding when there is no cop around? a nice drone would easily take him out for going 2 miles over the speed limit?  would this not be better for everyone?  would you not feel safer with nice killer robots protecting you?  maybe a person accidently gets shot now and then but is that not better then the opposite?  Help stop the discrimination of poor innocent killer robots…

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or what about this bad boy and the solution to our border problems?

* note this article is not to be taken seriously as my opinion but as a sarcastic commentary on the use of said machines and the use of drones.

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