legal stuff that otherwise makes me #TiredAllOver

so look, I’m not collecting your stuff and not selling it.  I hate that, I hate people that do it to me and I think they are all evil and I’m not going to do it to you as its bad karma.  While the site may use cookies to store preferences local to your machine etc (like every other site almost on the internet) that is a function of your browser and I am using wordpress so there might be some generic data collected such as unique users, total downloads etc. no personally identifiable data is not collected.

additionally all images are mine or are used with permission or citied. at least I’ve tried hard to do that but if you find one on here that doesn’t fit that please let me know so it can be corrected. Additionally don’t use my images unless you are citing this site as your source.

A Special Thanks

To all the people that helped inspire #TiredAllOver…

Ryan, Robby, Kurt, David, Kevin, Mike, Tracy, Ariel, Brian, Chad, Silvia, Todd, C++, Obama…

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