My Selections for the Manual

logo_m4cFor me, the Manual of Civilization could be one of the most important projects of our time. The idea is to collect the most important 3000 books required to rebuild civilization from the ground up. It is an idea that resonates with me in particular; as it aligns with the Foundation’s library project, as well as, with my own personal priorities which include the preservation of knowledge, primarily technical knowledge. To use a metaphor, if Adam and Eve started off on a new planet and only had 3000 books to rebuild civilization, what would those 3000 books be? These are the books that should be codified, and persevered for all time and eternity, or as close to as possible. Continue reading

Help Stop the Discrimination Against Killer Robots


The evils of discrimination are creeping back into society.  Innocent killer robots are being criticized for helping us better enforce the law and ensure people’s safety.  These poor abused robot workers replacing lazy humans and are much more effective at collecting every aspect of our data and hunting down and killing offender’s… that person speeding when there is no cop around? a nice drone would easily take him out for going 2 miles over the speed limit?  Continue reading

The Future of Mobility

meI’m going a presentation that is public at the Microsoft Commons in Redmond in the Capitol Hill Room on April 11th.  from Noon to 1.  Come join me while we go through some group therapy around emerging trends, the marketplace, mobility and how all that matters to the business world.  Oh and maybe some talk about LOB (Line of Business Applications).  On second thought, it will probably be boring stuff you won’t be interested in that could help business’s be more productive and understand the mobility space so you wouldn’t try to come and all.  Yes totally a bad idea.    but if you must RSVP to

Episode 15 – Google Glass, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


In this episode I talk about my new awesome google glasses, how cool they are and where they are going in terms of what will happen in the market place and their impact and then I answer a few question about Big Data and why AI is heading to Big Data and what Big Data can mean. As we hit the end of this year and slate other computer sales slows more products like Glass (see ) or SpaceGlass (see ) will start becoming commercially viable which will be part of new classes of mobile computing devices that will become increasingly popular.

Episode 14 – Stages of Grief

talkingIn this new world of commercialization of technology IT departments around the world are in pain.  These poor IT professionals need your understanding.  In their time of need we need to understand the stages of grief they are going thru.  In this episode I go through a bit about my job and walk us through the IT manager stages of grief that I use in these windows experience workshops I’ve been doing in Europe and North America.  So listen to this podcast and be understanding… and a special thanks to my friend Lee Nicholls for the idea.

A Day in a Life

David K. Projectok so this is my first attempt at Science Fiction. Please be nice but I’m hoping to see what people think…

A soft gentle music touch’s the edge of my mind, slowly nudging me to consciousness. Floating, as the fog slowly clears in my head and rolling clouds seemingly moving aside, I drift higher. I can feel the aerogel foam slowly retreating from its warm embrace as my computer detects my raising awareness and movement. The time comes to mind, as bits of data slice through the remaining fog of sleep.

Remembering the old days of alarm clocks… when I was very young I even had a mechanical clock with two bells on it, it was always so much more jarring and sometimes ending in violence for the clock. We’ve come far in only a handful of decades. Continue reading

Manual of Civilization

Manual of Civilization

Manual of Civilization

One of my favorite organizations is the Long Now.  The reason for this is their focus on one simple mission that I strongly believe in.  Their focus is on long term thinking and they don’t have the politics and over intellectualization like many other groups I’m familiar with.  Their singular focus is on helping society and planning for the long term (ie, say the next 10,000 to 100,000 years).  This singular purpose, strong organizational structure and group focus has allowed them to move forward where other groups go where in the real world.  Without real action and real measureable results a group is without value.

One of my related passions is this project called the archive and now the library and when I found out the Long Now started the Manual of Civilization (Manual Submission link: one true google form ) project I was ecstatic.  While I might disagree with a book here or there the project itself is one of the most critical projects in the world. Continue reading

The Next Surface, Surface Pro+ and Surface Blue

surface blueWhat would it take to make Surface Pro+/Blue really cool?  Really, if you are into windows, Windows Surface Pro is ‘generally’ really the best machine to date.  Some people might argue that but let me say why for me it is so cool.  First it replaces my desktop and laptop.  With the two Helium displays I have an awesome work station at work and the same at home and in between the same machine is a tablet on the train.  For me running Visual Studio, a little Adobe Photoshop and watching a movie all at the same time using an all solid state super slate is great and there is nothing as powerful that is as light and is visually cool looking (yes its really about looks).  Yes I know I am very shallow regarding hardware… that being said after living with Windows 8 and a slate for my only computer for going on 2 years including a Surface Pro since its launch, here is what it would take to get Surface Pro to the next level or Surface Blue. Continue reading

Life Boat Foundation

Lifeboat Foundation

Lifeboat Foundation

What? is this a society for protecting the rights of life boats every where or is this just some silliness for people that collect life boats? and why do we care again?  Well here is a little about the group:

“The Lifeboat Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity.

Lifeboat Foundation is pursuing a variety of options, including helping to accelerate the development of technologies to  defend humanity, including new methods to combat viruses (such as RNA interference and new vaccine methods), effective nanotechnological defensive strategies, and even self-sustaining space  colonies in case the other defensive strategies fail.”

and why is it here? Well as it turns out I’m on several of the advisory boards (Futurest Board, Human Trajectories Board and Information Sciences Board),  and if you care about the above check it out:

Because the Rules of Robotics are Totally Real…

dilbert and the robot

dilbert and the robot

Because at some point this won’t be a joke.  people laugh now and we make fun but baring some kind of disaster let there be no doubt that a new age is coming…

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