here is a running list of great (famous or ‘infamous’ ) quotes from the show or just ones people that know me will recognize…

  • the #cloud; which is not so much some new technology but is the acknowledgement of our mastery and automation of the data center (from my summary article on tech sector strategy for FY15 for 5 years)
  • to CEO and COO, I say, “get the h#ll out of my office until you two can stop fighting like little girls” #Awesome
  • #Oracle where all good technology goes to die (twitter)
  • I’m having a Silverlight flash back… or was that Cobol I used to do…(from an email)
  • I’m not really feeling the love (just ask Peter…)
  • human + wiki = H++
  • I like to touch my hardware
  • what you don’t have an implant yet?  that is so early 21st century… (fb, zerostate)
  • are you saying you like to touch your hardware
  • once you go touch you never go back (episode3)
  • that makes me #TiredAllOver
  • Apple does the best industrial design in the world
  • its about the design
  • I want you to touch it…
  • I like Tech with a cool name (episode3)
  • its all bendy and flexible like that (episode3)
  • Sometimes computers make me #TiredAllOver (episode3)

* as a community it is those ideals and ideas that with the right branding and emotional connection we can effect change in the mind set of humanity but its not going to be with terms like trans-whatever.  just like the example of ‘bring green’.  Green Peace is not a mainstream group or ideal, neither is 5000 other unrelated groups that hate green peace but are ‘green’.  we need to find out green… and that is what we can make ‘mainstream’ (fb, Zerostate)

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