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google glassSo I’ve been wearing my google glass around Microsoft’s main campus and throughout my life. Normally, people are interested and, if anything, come and want to check them out. However, I finally this past week experienced open discrimination or even a mild harassment of sorts.

Don’t get excited, it’s not like Microsoft is not doing the same sort of thing with their own version or other companies like Meta building glasses that are much more interesting then google glass. It’s just Glass was first to market in terms of social impact and visibility that the common person is aware of it.

So here is how it went down…

I’m walking to a meeting with a client… wearing my glass on the Microsoft campus. I pass this group of 3 of what I assume are MS employee’s and they start lifting their hardware and hiding their faces… these guys are standing up in the hall and acting like 3 year olds playing hide and go seek. As I pass, they whisper just loud enough so I hear… that should not be allowed, people like that should be banned or glass should be banned and not allowed in public, and then turned their backs towards me. This happened again on the way out of the meeting hall.

Yes I know it was not a huge deal, and really kind of entertaining; but this is on one of the most technology centric campuses in the world and this is how they are behaving. It seems to me that the concern is this segment and the complete luddite sort of vitriol I could hear in their voice… now it’s sort of a joke what they did; but what happens when this sort of technology is common and companies like Microsoft and Google and Apple and Meta and the like are all working to make it better? This segment, I fear, will not be happy. The question is, will they be side lined or will it be violent? It is my hope that we all keep an eye out for this kind of Luddite behavior and help suppress this sort of illogic.

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4 thoughts on “Social Impact of Google Glass

  1. But will it work with Windows Phone! This is actually a serious question. 🙂
    One of the things that has been keeping me from Google Glass (and a few other hardware innovations) has been the lack of Windows Phone SDK support. I would love to see Microsoft more proactive in pushing hardware integrations (Fit Bit, Glass, Pebble Watch, Home Automation etc..) Looking forward to seeing how your experiments in glass turn out.

  2. Thanks for the great story. I’ve wanted some Google glasses,now I’ve got to get one, just so I can shove it in the face of those kind of selfish fear mongering, hating anti social people. I guess if people want to consider me a glasshole, guilty as charged. The question I have, is how will our children judge us, not these kinds of ass.., um, people.

  3. Caleb; so from an engineering standpoint glass is still a bit weak. the binary deployment is locked down so you are forced into this google cloud thing they have and that limits the cases where you can use it as a platform. give it a year and the software story will be worked out and they should have a version with an SD card and you can start doing something with it more like what one would expect. At that point I’ll write an SDK for you 🙂 the thing to keep in mind its that it is its own custom ‘Android’ device that’s like having an android sdk for you wp8 BUT perfectly possible. My spell game sort of does that using a cloud abstraction communication system for device to device communication via web services in azure but you could use NFC, blue tooth etc. if you want to do something really cool space glass is what I want to really get my ‘phone’ hooked up to… don’t mind the 4k price tag to be the coolest geek in town or just get the dev version and just be the nerdiest…

    Brent; that is the double edge sword. Its one thing to walk around Microsoft but really we should be taking the hire ground where possible as examples to others. It is an obligation as a Transhumanist to help those around us be more then they are and hassling them really doesn’t help. Yes I am not one to talk but once I work that immaturity out of my system I’ll try to be nicer to those people. 🙂 I’ve actually been bothered a lot by the moral and ethical implications of the increasing technology device that this kind of technology will bring. Dont’ get my wrong, I’m not going to give it up but what I’m saying is that I don’t think my own feelings on the issue have been worked out entirely so that I can articulate that them logically and completely.

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