Spell The Game – Kickstarter

Cross Platform Augmented Reality, live action magic with mobile phones hoping to be the next digital crack and more…

It is not so much about game or building a business but doing what we love to do.Funding Spell helps us get out of jobs that suck the life out of us to doing something that we love.Spell allows us to combine elements of the games we love (magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons, live action role playing) with the technology we love to work with.From collecting and trading spells to wizard duels in the park between my friend with the iPhone, my other friend with his google glass and my android or windows phone using them as magic wants to blast each other with magic spells to see who is the better wizard.

What we want to do with Spell is create the next digital crack and create the infrastructure for people to create their own AR digital content and live action role playing were we blur the lines between reality and the game using AR (Augmented Reality) and virtually any mobile device.

Currently we have a version running won WP8 and want to get Android then iOS and then Google Glass and Atheer and more all up and running.The infrastructure is ready but we need to extend that and do more content development.This Kickstart will help us get started and turn this into a real company instead of a garage project.

So help us build our indy game studio around Spell.

Here is what we plan on doing:

At $10,000.00 that allows us to build out the WP8/W8+ version of the game as well as the content.

At $30,000.00 that allows us to finish the basic Xamarin based version for Android

At $60,000.00 that allows us to build the iOS version

At $100,000.00 that gets us on to Glass and other AR glasses

And at $250,000 that gets the design team and engineering team out of their jobs and doing this full time.

Help us and help build the coolest AR role playing digital crack interactive game… ever ever…











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