The Top Ten Coolest Syfy Spaceships

a million years more advanced then us

a million years more advanced then us

ok so I saw this post on msn about the coolest or best movie spaceships (“The greatest movie spaceships”, and really I was appalled at their lame choices.  I mean really an Apollo capsule?  that like is totally not cool, or star trek’s enterprise? wow, that won’t break in half from lack of structural integrity, or space fighters? yea that will get me to alpha centaury, or funky contraption spaceships make from spare model parts or the HAL ship that is barely more then the IIS is in real live.  So here is 10 ships that actually are cool, you guys at MSN keep your ships and I’ll have these thank you very much…

Episode 11: The Robots Are Coming to Get You…

The Attack Robot

This is the Robot that hid behind the planter in the lobby and would attack customers with the nerf gun that is not shown but attaches to the side of this robot.

In this episode the robots are coming to get you, from vacuum cleaners to driving your car and other ‘inappropriate services’… are you ready?

I touch on topics from building your own robots with Lego’s (like the one here to the side) to working with ardiounos and more complex robots we see being commercial available what is coming and what might be creepy…

here are links to a few of the things I talked about:

Lego Robots:


Vacuum Cleaner Robots:

and a couple of links to what could be coming…