#TiredAllOver Gets Syndicated By Online Gaming Radio

Online Gaming Radio

Online Gaming Radio

OGR or Online Gaming Radio for short is in the middle of a site redesign picking up new shows dropping old ones and general doing a new site design.  The design is mostly complete and going through a soft launch and as all the new shows get spun up it will move all the iTunes and Zune subscriptions to the new feed.

And why do we care?

Good question, and we care because one of the new shows is none other then #TiredAllOver the best podcast in the interwebs.  Check out #TiredAllOver at OGR:


Episode 5: Good UX Design, Return on Investment (ROI) and Plugging the Interwebs into the back of my head…

ms retail software kiosk

Microsoft Retail Store Software Kiosk

In this episode I talk about the Return on Investment or ROI of good UX design and I dive a little bit into what how UX design can solve problems and improve human machine interfaces.  A couple of things I touch on include good practices with UX , user centered design and how to easily apply it to mobile application development and additionally how it solved some R & D with visual over lay systems such as glass’s and potentially cybernetic implants… all in good fun =)