Help Stop the Discrimination Against Killer Robots


The evils of discrimination are creeping back into society.  Innocent killer robots are being criticized for helping us better enforce the law and ensure people’s safety.  These poor abused robot workers replacing lazy humans and are much more effective at collecting every aspect of our data and hunting down and killing offender’s… that person speeding when there is no cop around? a nice drone would easily take him out for going 2 miles over the speed limit?  Continue reading

Because the Rules of Robotics are Totally Real…

dilbert and the robot

dilbert and the robot

Because at some point this won’t be a joke.  people laugh now and we make fun but baring some kind of disaster let there be no doubt that a new age is coming…

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Episode 11: The Robots Are Coming to Get You…

The Attack Robot

This is the Robot that hid behind the planter in the lobby and would attack customers with the nerf gun that is not shown but attaches to the side of this robot.

In this episode the robots are coming to get you, from vacuum cleaners to driving your car and other ‘inappropriate services’… are you ready?

I touch on topics from building your own robots with Lego’s (like the one here to the side) to working with ardiounos and more complex robots we see being commercial available what is coming and what might be creepy…

here are links to a few of the things I talked about:

Lego Robots:


Vacuum Cleaner Robots:

and a couple of links to what could be coming…