The Psychological Trend Towards Transhumanity

earlyadoptersA short excerpt from the article I published on

“40k is nowhere near the 8% needed of a population to affect main stream thought for something to go effectively viral so this is not enough to drive interest.  So why are we talking about Transhumanism at all then you might ask?  Can they affect main stream thought or is main stream actually creating Transhumanism?

Why are all these disconnected groups forming then?

Let us go back and look at the early adopter information again.  Early adopters make up 20% which is way past the 8% needed to change society’s thoughts or creating a trend.  Let me hypothesize then that early adopters are the trend and creating these waves of change through the psychology of the modern world.  Further then, would not these psychological waves create a form of pressure like any wave and in this pressure in various groups we have Transhumanism coalescing.”

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