The Psychological Trend Towards Transhumanity

earlyadoptersA short excerpt from the article I published on

“40k is nowhere near the 8% needed of a population to affect main stream thought for something to go effectively viral so this is not enough to drive interest.  So why are we talking about Transhumanism at all then you might ask?  Can they affect main stream thought or is main stream actually creating Transhumanism?

Why are all these disconnected groups forming then?

Let us go back and look at the early adopter information again.  Early adopters make up 20% which is way past the 8% needed to change society’s thoughts or creating a trend.  Let me hypothesize then that early adopters are the trend and creating these waves of change through the psychology of the modern world.  Further then, would not these psychological waves create a form of pressure like any wave and in this pressure in various groups we have Transhumanism coalescing.”

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Special Edition: Vote DavidJKelley for Humanity Plus Board of Directors

meme2.smallSeeing as its my podcast I figure a nice shameless plug (in the form of this special edition podcast) is in order for any one out there that is a member of H+ and why they should vote me in as a member of the board of directors in the upcoming election.  Besides the fact that I have the most real world practical experience, the most money, the most resources, my own full time staff and the most passion; the really important point is when I do something I actually do it (unlike the bulk of tranhumanity as a demographic, which is some what dubious to call it a single demographic as pointed out by the demographic study linked below).  If you want to see H+ actually do something for real then I have a proven track record of motivation, persistence and execution.  Vote David J Kelley (and listen to this special edition Podcast below)…

the aforementioned demographic study on Transhumanism:

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Ideas Need to Evolve for Mainstream Popularity

Transhumanists make me #TiredAllOver at least in that in academia they seem to fight all the time with each other and are all going in different directions… so I wrote an article on how they can get things moving in the same direction and  published it. We will see if they listen.  Here is a link and the first paragraph or so:

Why do you (transhumanists in general) care if mainstream thinking in modern civilization cares about ‘Transhumanism’?

If you talk to random people on the street about transhumanism, you will get eye-squinting and other strange responses.  For the most part, the response will be negative. Transhumanism is not anywhere close to anything the average person cares about.

However, if you could back a few decades and ask someone about being ‘Green’ you would get a similar response to what you get now regarding ‘Transhumanism.’

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Interview with an AI picked up by

A couple months back I thought it would be fun to work on what it would be like to interview an AI or emerging Artilect and so I put together this little project and it goes picked up by this popular portal that is really kind of focus on academia.

The Article starts: “I was thinking about ideas for an article on my train ride home from the experience lab I work in, and it came to me that it would be interesting to actually have an interview with an AI only a little bit better than us, maybe one that is one of the first kinds of true AI and for fun let’s say it has lived with us for a few decades incognito. But how can we do that?

With the help of a few people in the computer science AI field and mental health professionals it turns out that it appears we could produce a psychological profile for such an AI and from that potentially a method for extrapolating what such a AI might say or how it might respond to a given line of questions, under certain circumstances, with certain assumptions put forward to develop said profile. Before you ask, it also appears that based on the DSM IV it turns out that this AI would likely be diagnosed with potentially a number of disorders including ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and/or Asperger’s. I find it interesting that a computer intelligence would fall into that category out of the gate.”

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Episode 3: For the Love of Technology, User Experience and Transhumanism

In this episode we talk about the love of technology, user experience and transhumanism and why its all interconnected at least in my own personal psychosis.

To learn more about User eXperience and why its a trend (10 years out): “A Whole new mind”

To learn more about technology trends (20+ years out): “The Singularity is near: When humans transcend Biology”