The Next Surface, Surface Pro+ and Surface Blue

surface blueWhat would it take to make Surface Pro+/Blue really cool?  Really, if you are into windows, Windows Surface Pro is ‘generally’ really the best machine to date.  Some people might argue that but let me say why for me it is so cool.  First it replaces my desktop and laptop.  With the two Helium displays I have an awesome work station at work and the same at home and in between the same machine is a tablet on the train.  For me running Visual Studio, a little Adobe Photoshop and watching a movie all at the same time using an all solid state super slate is great and there is nothing as powerful that is as light and is visually cool looking (yes its really about looks).  Yes I know I am very shallow regarding hardware… that being said after living with Windows 8 and a slate for my only computer for going on 2 years including a Surface Pro since its launch, here is what it would take to get Surface Pro to the next level or Surface Blue.
Let start with video, having been used to an optimized workflow and dual 24 inch displays if it wasn’t for the 27 inch Helium displays I’m not sure I could have stuck with only using a slate.  So what I want is a dual HDMI Ports so I can plug 2 27 inch displays at the same time to get a reasonable amount of display, how cool would that have been AND they are both touch displays of course.  Next we need some additional processing power for video so that we can do some higher end Photoshop video processing.  I mean really we need some high end video on the Surface at least as good as any Alien ware game machine?
Next let’s talk about devices, of course since this is a desktop/laptop/brain replacement I need to have a number devices plugged in, you know the basics such as an art board, studio microphone, printer, scanner, touch on my helium displays x 2, a backup drive, mouse, keyboard, another back up drive and my secure drive all at the same time.  By my count that means my basic functionality needs at least 11 USB 3.0 slots? That is pretty reasonable.  It can be a design feature along one side…?  I would be even happy with say 4 and maybe a docking pad option.  As to a docking pad that really should be also a wireless charger and all the devices are NFC? And the docking pad has my 11 USB 3.0 Ports, 2 HDMI etc.
All do able I think, but what about my sensors, I was appalled to find out that there is not GPS built in.  That actually killed a project of mine already.  I mean really why doesn’t Surface Pro have the same sensor packages as the Windows Phone at least?  In the long run we want to reduce that to one device anyway?
Ok so Sensors but what else?  There is always Microsoft Glasses (wait is that NDA *insert looking for MS Ninja’s*)?  But that is probably a different product for a time far in the future say fiscal year 2015?  So let’s focus on the Surface Form factor.  That new Touch Keyboard 2 with the lock bar is really going to be hot allowing you to use the Surface Blue on your lap without holding both knees together for the kick stand to work.  And while we are at it I’m really looking forward to that adjustable angle of that kickstand.  It was, er… I mean will be very nice.

Probably the best feature is the new touch keyboard would be the addition of a ‘print screen’ button… how can one live w/o this is beyond me.

The Q2 Launch in 2015 of Microsoft’s new Vision product I think I’ll be good.  Oh yes and one more upgrade on the Surface Blue… how about a nice 8 gigs of memory and the 1 terra byte solid state drive?
I know it makes me just want to touch it…

oh wait one more thing… what is up with the paint store explosion and not having transparent tiles in apps so the high light color shows through like on windows phone?  fortunately I KNOW that will be fixed in Surface Blue (Windows 8.2?)…

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